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The Incredible Story of Camille Varacalli

Today, we have another fantastic story to share, a story of resilience, courage, and above everything, victory. I’m joined by Camille Varacalli and the Director and Screenwriter Amos Poe. Camille is working on her memoir called “Married to the mob?” […]

Stories From Ukraine

In this special episode of Our Fighting Spirit, Anthony is joined by sisters Yana and Oksana. Although Oksana is in the US, Yana is in Ukraine during this horrendous time. She shares her story of what it’s like being in […]

The Incredible Story of Rico Corrubia

After finishing film school, Rico Corrubia was doing drama therapy at the Children’s Hospital in Washington DC to help families navigate the tough process of having their kids hospitalized. Although he felt his life wasn’t moving in any particular direction, […]